Saturday, September 09, 2006

A slammer writes

Every now and then I get a letter from Domain Registry of America with a lurid warning that the registration on one or other of my domain names is about to expire and that I should ACT NOW and renew it with them at some exorbitant rate. I wonder how many people have been taken in by them?
They've been banned from such behaviour in Canada - Register story

The company also allegedly did not disclose that it would charge a processing fee to consumers if their transfer request was not completed and failed to provide consumers refunds in a timely manner.

Domain Registry of America, based in Ontario, Canada, is prohibited from engaging in similar conduct in the future, and is subject to stringent monitoring by the FTC. The company also has to provide a full refund, including any administrative or cancellation fees, to approximately 50,000 consumers who cancelled a transfer request.

and have also been criticised by the UK's ASA.

I sent back their reply enevelope but unfortunately forgot to include a cheque. Or the form. Or a stamp on it.


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