Friday, September 08, 2006

Mindless vandalism

An online petition to save Tony Blair was yesterday trashed by the merry pranksters of urban75. The Register story.

The site described Anthony Charles Lynton Blair as "the greatest Labour leader of our time" and invited readers to sign a "petition" stating the belief that he "should be allowed to get on with the job of Prime Minister and should be able to pick a time of his choosing at which to stand down".

All appeared to go smoothly. Nearly a pageful of respectable-looking names appeared. Then at 9:27 am: "Stuart Bruce; Jonathan McShane; Gordon Brown; Idi Amin; Osama bin Laden; Abu Hamza..."

How do we know the time? Because that's when a message appeared on the bulletin boards at* ...
By page four the denizens were holding an impromptu conversation - "Ming the Merciless; Ming the merciless (classic); Milliband rocks; Sir Ian Blair; ...
At 11:10 - after a further six pages of textual intercourse - the message went out - "It takes HTML!"

You can read the full list of petitioners here.

I must say I'm disgusted by this.

Errr... as I didn't find out about it until after the owner had shut the site down.


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