Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A revenue stream

Well, there is a revenue stream for musos I overlooked in my last post, the corporate one. Big business pays bands to play at their festivals; pale, sanitised affairs festooned with branding. Of course there are also handsome royalties to be had from advertising. The really annoying thing there is that a tune that may have been one of your faves for years becomes unlistenable with the insane repetitions of the TV ad break. Lately there seems to be a trend to use bland cover versions in place of the original, I'm thinking particularly of that appalling version of Thunderclap Newman's "Something in the Air". I've no idea what product it's used for. Nothing new, mind you, the Doors had their first big bust-up over the selling-out (to GM?) of "Light My Fire", which would have been late 60s.

It may have been last weekend's glut of corporate festies that saw an outbreak of free festivals for the first time in years.

The music biz drifting into dismal stodginess is not necessarily a bad thing. One of my mates always used to claim the band that was responsible for the mini-revolution of Britpunk wasn't the Sex Pistols but rather the Eagles.


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