Saturday, August 19, 2006


I've not been able to post as often as I've wanted over the last couple of days as I've been screwed around by public transport. On Thursday it took nearly 4 hours to get home from Leamington to the suburban wasteland outskirts of Coventry. Last night was a big improvement, a mere 2.75. The storms have played a large part in that. On Thursday afternoon, lightning took out the signalling on the railway lines between the two towns (I regard that as a valid excuse), yet the buses were f**ked up as well. The storms have been unusually ferocious for the UK, yet nothing special when I think of the rainy season in Krabi. There the song-taews seem to keep running OK, they merely pull down the clear plastic curtains at the back to stop the passengers getting wet.

Perhaps Travel West Midlands or whatever they now call themselves are afriad their buses will shrink?


At 23/8/06 20:54, Blogger AnnoymousTechWoman said...

When it rains in the UK trains, buses, trams and cars grind to a halt. When it snows in the UK trains, buses, trams and cars grind to a halt. When the sun shines in the UK trains, buess and cars grind to a halt....Just hope every day is a day where there is dry grey weather of between 12 and 18 degress celsius and no wind.


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