Sunday, September 17, 2006

Daddy long legs

We're inundated with the flying version here. I've never come across them in such numbers anywhere on earth like the Wyken and Walsgrave areas of Cov. A few geckos would sort 'em out if only the climate were warm enough.

When I lived in Thailand you'd sometimes get an invasion of flying ants and a mound of little wings would pile under a gecko, who'd be chomping his/her way through them as quickly as possible. I always liked having geckos as house guests as long as it wasn't the big, armour-plated buggers (in Thai too-kay as opposed to jing johk), who're reputed to take the odd finger off overly inquisitive humans.

E2A, the term "daddy long legs" applies to several types of insect, looks like the ones we've got here are properly known as crane flies.


At 23/9/06 12:59, Blogger internet nobody said...

There are an awful lot of them around in Tile Hill and Earlsdon too. There were around 30 in a bus shelter with me the other day. Supposedly they only live around 24 hours, yet the buggers just keep coming...


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