Saturday, September 16, 2006

Annoying spammer

I'm getting daily spam on my admin address of It's coming from
[] (
which is owned by Aussie telecoms giant, Telstra. I've sent the details to their abuse address. Let's see if they do anything about it. They're forging my own admin address as the return which makes it particularly annoying.


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I have, of course, broken the link, I'm not doing anything that aids spammers or businesses that employ them. According to the whois details, it's owned by a certain Liu Fei in China. However, according to their website they're:
NPR Corporation Headquarters
Located In The Heart of the Downtown Business District Located in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Corporate Address:
NPR Corporation
1001 4th Ave - #1259
Seattle, WA 98111
United States of America

If they're doing it through the contact form on the site, I've arranged a nasty surprise for them.


At 27/9/06 15:26, Blogger bethatuw said...

You're in luck. I live in Seattle and I am either going to their office, or sending them a letter. They are about 15 mins. from my home. Washington State has a tough law for spammers that won't cease their contact with people who have opted out. They will stop sending this to me at least. GRRRRRRR

How obnoxious can they get?

At 17/10/06 08:43, Blogger Matthew007 said...

Nice one Les

I'm geting loads of spam from the same place. I've asked thm to remove the address they keep using "billing@....." but I still keep geting spam to tis address"

I want to contact them but don't know how!


At 28/11/06 16:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been researching this company and have not found any information with this exception. Any other comments on their services and reputation or charactor? They say have 24hr support but there is no phone number or email link.

At 28/11/06 16:58, Blogger John said...

Hi Les,

I happened upon your site today as I was searching for information regarding that exact same spam email from They're unbelievably annoying. I sometimes get as many as six a day. Have you had any success in stopping them? If you have, might I ask how you went about it? I'd dearly love to drive a stake through the heart of this one.

Many thanks.


At 4/1/07 04:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I'm curious to know how you broke the link to cease the spam from NPR -- I'm getting spammed by them as well, the same way you did. I'm also assuming that they're not a legitimate business?

Would you mind shooting me an email so I can take care of this? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks - Gail

At 4/1/07 14:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I operate a small web hosting cocmpany in Florida and have recently come under attack fro the NPR Corp in Seatlle Washinton AKA Robert Soloway #1 spammer. Seeking aadvice as to what steps I can take to stop this madman.


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