Saturday, September 16, 2006

A bit more on Islam

Without doubt, of all the countries I've travelled in, it's the Muslim ones that've been the friendliest. Particularly Egypt and Turkey. Egypt's gotta be amongst the poorest countries on earth, but going round there on the cheap, people you meet always want to take care of you.

And Turkey! First night there I met up with a couple of blokes on the bus going in from Greece and as soon as we got ourselves sorted at the grim dive near Aya Sofia (Istanbul, that is) we hit the first beer bar we could find. There a local lawyer called Shefiq tried to turn us on to Islam. He was so drunk he could hardly stand. He had a tomato in his hand and was demanding of us:
"Who make this? Who make this, eh?"
But that was 1984 and the world was a much friendlier place then, no matter what Orwell predicted.


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