Sunday, June 03, 2007

30 years on

Last night the bbc had a documentary on punk rock. It was great to see all the old clips, especially the sex pistols being interviewed by Bill Grundy, while at the time the swearing on prime time tv seemed so juvenile, now it seems really quite iconoclastic.
Tonight there's one on Bob Marley playing in 1977.
This was the sort of music we all wanted to see at the time but the official media wouldn't touch it with an extemely long barge pole (I suppose the grundy incident made that a certainty). Kinda strange it's now achieved acceptability, the context has changed and the 'threat' has dissipated. Perhaps the lack of anything original coming out of the music industry helps explain it. But then again punk and reggae came from industry outsidersn the biz itself was if anything even more clueless then.


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