Thursday, May 24, 2007

All change

Getting the dslr will, I think, force bigger changes on my photography than was first apparent.

Firstly, much of my equipment is obsolete, not just my big old hammerhead flash but also little items such as my cable release. Most filters are now unnecessary apart from a UV to protect the lens and a polariser for shooting near water and suchlike.

A bigger change comes with processing where I need to rethink the workflow. Critical stuff is best done as .nef files (nikon equivalent of RAW) so I think it'll be a matter of downloading them, converting them to .dng while doing any gross fixes like correcting colour casts then delete any unwanted ones. Remaining ones can then have a working copy made, a smaller .psd and the .dng's backed up and deleted. Subjective changes (e.g. cropping) will be made from the working copy and saved as still smaller versions, probably .jpg's.

One thing that strikes me as slightly tragic is that I or others apart from a few diehards or photographty students, will never get that great delight of seeing a print come up in the developing tray. Your first one is really almost magical.

Moreover I'm not happy about the inherent obsolescence of equipment now. In a few years time, the D80 will be worthless. Compare that to Nikon's legendary F2, which came out in the late 60s IIRC and yet still had professionals using it widely until just a few years ago.



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