Monday, May 21, 2007

The death of culture

Saturday's FA Cup final was by common consent one of the dullest in living memory. The excuse being given is that both sides were tired, being in so many competitions this season. The thing is it felt almost inevitable it would be between Chelsea and Man Utd, being the only clubs with the financial clout to get there. We're now waiting to see which of the takeovers by big international capital will allow other clubs to compete.

The truly remarkable thing was the New Wembley with a plethora of celebrities and prices to make most of us flinch, £1 for a packet of crisps and £8 for a burger. As so many lamented, football is no longer the game of the cloth-capped working man.

There's nothing really new here though, the seeds were sown with the sell off of tv rights to sky, pay per view putting it out of reach of many of the poor.

It's not just football. Many of our pubs are now identikit chain outlets, there's little if anything new coming through in popular music, virtually all fashions seen on the streets are rehashes of the past and most of television has got dulled down to the point it'd make a goat vomit.

Big capital wants to reduce risk. Culture needs it.



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