Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Newsnight last night interviewed the 6 contenders for the deputy PM job. The most amusing question was would they had voted the the War Against Iraq had they known what they know now? The replies were uniform and predictable. Each blamed the 'false intelligence' but would still have gone for it. Reading between the lines, I interpreted it as 'yes, I would keep my snout in the trough'. No-one in the real world believed the 45 minutes claim, hard on the heels of the dodgy dossier.
We can only guess at Blair's orders from Bush, but we can guess the other half of the deal was that the uk would share in the pillage, between the grab for oil, the reconstruction contracts and Iraqis having to pay for the cost of the west's attack on them.
Only a fool amongst politicians who crave a seat at the top table would speak out against the war.
I just wish they wouldn't pretend to be motivated by conscience, it's as sickening as it is transparent.


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