Saturday, May 19, 2007

New toy

Bought myself a Nikon D-80 body as part of starting to upgrade my equipment for providing a full set of digital services. Tried it out today in the centre of Coventry.

I've long been wanting to get a shot of this shop.

Right on Tyme shop, Coventry

The Old Schoolhouse - it's disgraceful how this venerable building has been allowed to decay:
The Old Schoolhouse, CoventryThe Old Schoolhouse, CoventryThe Old Schoolhouse, CoventryThe Old Schoolhouse, Coventry
The Old Schoolhouse, Coventry

My other great bugbear is modern architecture in Coventry. I'm not against modern architecture, far from it. It's just that nearly we get here is awful and at best hopelessly incongruous amongst what's left of a mediaeval city. Take for example this beautiful walkway going through Lady Herbert's Gardens which includes a couple of gates from the old city wall.
Incongruous walkway over Lady Herbert's Gardens, Coventry