Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Police visit

A statement for me to sign regarding my deceased (distant) relative, Charlene Downes. Just to say I hadn't seen her since the date she disappeared (in fact I've never seen her), they need it from anyone even vaguely connected since her body's never been found. Trial's expected for next February.

There's more info on a previous posting if you're wondering what this is about.


At 23/9/06 22:46, Blogger TottenhamLad said...

Hope this comment is not too insenstive and I apologise in advance if it offends.

How do you feel that possibly, and note I say possibly, your relative was murdered and then served up as kebabs to unsuspecting English people (as reported in at least one newspaper).

If it turns out to be true will it have an effect on your views (if any) about third-world/ethnic immigration into this country?

At 25/1/07 23:00, Blogger Les the Spaceman said...

If you read my previous post I've seen no genuine indication that the police have been considering this. It seems rather to be a silly rumour made up by neo-Nazis. No effect whatsoever on my views on 3rd-world immigration, British people commit murders too.


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