Sunday, February 10, 2008

New business venture

It's been difficult to find time to post on this blog as I'm heavily engaged in setting up a new internet business, dir3ct. It's intended to provide services for internet traders and our first offerings are a shopping cart package and a "back-office" system, Epic, which provides things like purchase orders and picking lists. We host them for you too, so all you need at your end is a browser.

It'll most likely appeal to the trader who has a mix of sales from ebay and from their own website. The great thing about Epic is that it'll typically cut 3-4 out hours of donkey work for the trader that has, say, 100 transactions a day. Use our shopping cart too, and you get further benefits from the way they tightly integrate.

Not all the bits and pieces of the site are up and working yet, we're aiming to have everything ready for the start of April.

We also supply hosting separately, for any sort of legal site except porn due its high bandwidth requirements.


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