Sunday, December 02, 2007

3ix v RBN

Received a couple of e-mails today from 3ix tech support. Seems they weren't ignoring me after all.

We have checked your issue and banned the source for the script on our server.


This is due to some specific accounts i.e. some accounts have incorrect permissions given to the files and folders.Because of this some malicious scripts are added to the files.We have banned such IPs on server and changed Firewall rules.

I'd already found a way of preventing the malicious script tampering with my pages, but I'd prefer not to post it here as they may use the info to make their script cleverer.

I now have a dead laptop to contend with. It was a dual-boot XP / Ubuntu, but with XP suffering so many faults plus nervousness about it possibly having been trojanned by RBN's nasties, I decided to reinstall XP completely. This wiped out my Ubuntu partition but didn't remove the GRUB boot loader which now fails because Ubuntu's gone. The solution it seems is to get into the recovery utility from the XP setup CD and fix the MBR (I'd never heard of it before last night either). But the laptop being a Vaio, you don't get a CD, everything's preloaded onto the hard drive including Sony's proprietary extensions, which while mainly bloatware are essential for the thing to run properly. So tomorrow, see if I can borrow an XP setup CD...


At 10/12/07 02:28, Blogger acrmd said...

I too am infected with something from this website and just can't seem to remove. Is the only solution to close the website? Would the domain be functional if I diverted traffic from the domain name to another domain?
My business is only online, so this is tragic for me.

At 17/12/07 09:03, Blogger Les the Spaceman said...

I don't want to run down cheap hosting providers too much, they perform a vital role, but they are generally only able to provide at low cost by skimping on support. The technology's well-established, it's the human side of it that costs.

If your website is crucial to your business, you should think about moving to a more expensive, higher-quality hosting company. Though of course, just because you're paying more you won't necessarily get a top notch product. Like with anything else you have to shop around I guess. And raise as much fuss as possible if they fail to deliver.


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