Tuesday, October 02, 2007


News coming out of Burma is slowing to a trickle now the armed forces have closed down communications. We could always be sure the reprisals would be horrific but I've just found this:

The undertakers from “Yay-Way” cemetry, reported that the SPDC cremates all the corpses as well as those injured protesters who are still alive.

Another graphic for the collection:
No Beijing olympics while Burma's in chains

Meantime UN envoy, Ibrahim Gambari, is getting the runaround from the generals:

Yesterday, Mr Gambari was stalled for a day and forced to fill in his time visiting a remote corner of Burma courtesy of the military as tensions remained following 12 days of demonstrations that represented the most concerted challenge to the junta's rule since 1988.
Yesterday he travelled further north by Burmese military helicopter to the town of Lashio, in Shan state near the Chinese border, to an obscure government-sponsored workshop.

With China and Russia's vetoes in place, they can comfortably humiliate him. No doubt if he does get to see Than Shwe, he'll get only the usual drivel out of him, like their foreign minister, Nyan Win told the UN General Assembly:
"Recent events make clear that there are elements within and outside the country who wish to derail the ongoing process [toward democracy] so that they can take advantage of the chaos that would follow"

Guardian report


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