Monday, November 27, 2006

CSP technology

The most interesting possibility to sort out all the world's energy problems - Concentrated Solar Power.
Two German scientists, Dr Gerhard Knies and Dr Franz Trieb, calculate that covering just 0.5% of the world's hot deserts with a technology called concentrated solar power (CSP) would provide the world's entire electricity needs, with the technology also providing desalinated water to desert regions as a valuable byproduct, as well as air conditioning for nearby cities.

As well as the above advantages, it releases no carbon and plants can be grown in the relatively shaded areas under the mirrors, taking up otherwise useless land.

Wiki's article shows several different designs.

The technology's certainly not new, but where's the political will to move towards this highly advantageous energy generation? There's a recognition that fossil fuels are dangerous and running out. There's equally plenty of goodwill toward the nuclear industry in the UK government despite its many drawbacks - uneconomic, waste-producing and dependent on 'conventional' generation for backup. There's even a certain amount of support for windfarms though it appears rather lukewarm in the face of protest from well-heeled nimby's.

Yet you'd never know CSP even existed.


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