Saturday, July 29, 2006

Things I don't understand

  • How can planes be cheaper than trains? Aircraft are much more expensive to buy, use loads of expensive aviation fuel (paraffin), require loads of highly trained staff, loads of maintenance and have to pay hefty parking fees at airports. Trains are by contrast the most energy-efficient mode of mass transport. Trains in the UK are by far the most expensive in Europe, while having massive subsidies.
  • Car programmes. If you want to look at cars why not just go out in the street?
  • De-caffeinated coffee. Silly American health fad. They get paranoid over caffeine and MSG, yet have no problems being guinea pigs for GM agribusiness. Caffeine's a mild stimulant, which is nice. :) Perhaps one of the food manufacturers could make a high-caf coffe with all the leftovers.
  • Books listing websites. With the best will in the world they're already out of date by the time they're printed.
  • The fashion industry. All those insane clothes being modelled on the catwalks will never be seen in the high street, so what's the point? Conversely, the stuff which the industry actually sells to the public, is never on show at the shows.


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