Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Manchester Big Brother

Who'll be the next one out of the Manchester Big Brother house?
  • Cristiano looks favourite. The young, good-looking, Portuguese guy has never been too popular (except amongst some of the gay community, apparently) but his recent spat with Wayne may have made the difference. Moreover he allegedly says he wants to go.
  • Ruud, the Dutchman, was previous favourite. While at one time his scoring rate was legendary his prowess semms to have dropped considerably.
  • Scouser playground scrapper, Wayne, has caused more than a few upsets in his time, but nothing like the rumpus with Cristiano, which has led to accusations of him being even mentally unstable. While he remains the nation's favourite, it's pretty certain he and Cristiano can't live under the same roof much longer.
  • Elderly Scotsman Alex, sometimes referred to as 'the Boss' or 'Purple Face', has been known to give any he feels are letting the side down 'the hairdryer treatment'. Will he be able to put them in their place or will he rather be out on his ear?
  • Local lad Gary. Quiet, sensible and amiable, he seems to be the only one could calm things down. Why would he want to stay though?
  • Rio's a bit of a lad. Somehow he even managed to forget to turn up to a drugs test, though that now seems a long time ago. Rumoured to be doing very well financially, so he'll be trying to hang on for some time to come.
  • Ryan, the handsome, dark Welshman, once the ladies' favourite, he hasn't been seen in a while.
  • Brash American Malcolm. Everyone would love to get him out, but no-one knows how.


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