Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma, get your news

Some links:

BurmaNet News
The Irrawaddy
Bangkok-based blog with some articles & photos
Mizzima News
Petition to the PM to support the Burmese people
Reporters Sans Frontieres (in English), some articles
Ko Htike - a Burmese guy collating material from 10 sources within Burma
Petition to the PM to boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
Burma Campaign UK
Boycott Lonely Planet Campaign
Protest to Total Oil
Burma Campaign's list of businesses trading / investing in Burma

ITUC Global Action
TUC demonstration
Article on Chevron Oil in Burma
The Buddhist Channel
Newsdesk Special
Burma-Myanmar Genocide 2007 (warning: some shocking pictures)

If you find any other good news sources or campaigns, please use the comments thingy to let me know.


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