Saturday, October 14, 2006

Royal mail and junk mail

The Royal Mail is to remove its limits on unaddressed advertising dross - story. Well, thanks, guys, we simply weren't getting enough through nuisance phone calls and spam, as it was. At least the electronic stuff doesn't leave solid waste:
The LGA chair, Lord Bruce-Lockhart, pushed the issue back into the headlines with a letter to the Royal Mail chief executive, Adam Crozier, expressing concern that the rising cost of disposing of more and more junk mail would leave council tax-payers facing bigger bills. He also noted that the rising tide of junk mail hurt the environment. The LGA said 78,000 tonnes of junk mail reached landfill sites each year.

So with higher costs of disposal and hence council tax bills, you could well find you have to pay for it! And what excuse do they come out with?
"If Royal Mail did not deliver any of this mail then it would simply be posted by other operators."

Hmmm, taken a few lessons from the arms dealers, have we?

If the Royal Mail is concerned about its financial position, how about cutting out waste like changing the name to Consignia and back again, or disciplining posties who advise householders how to avoid this rubbish?


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