Saturday, June 10, 2006

It all kicks off

Caught some of the opening game, Germany v Costa Rica, at work (one of the guys went out at lunchtime and bought a telly) and managed to catch the end in a pub in Cov city centre. Good match, open free-flowing football, little dirtiness and two excellent goals from Germany. Raised my expectations from this World Cup enormously. And nice to see Paolo Wanchope can still cut it on the big stage.

Saw the 1st half of Ecuador v. Poland at home and the 2nd half in the local, interest diminishing rapidly. Poland didn't look like they could score if the match went on for a fortnight. England have little to fear from either of those two should they meet in the next stage.

The sun's out and there's a feast of footie on the box; bad news work-wise. :)

The talk down the local is of the school I and several others went to, being renamed. It's current name, Caludon Castle, is a bit inappropriate for a 1950s comprehensive (it's named after a nearby small piece of wall that's all that remains of some late mediaeval (I think) building), but the new name's far worse, Applegate High. Sounds like some American soap, FFS. Worse still it undermines one of my great achievements, being kicked out of school for distributing communist propaganda. Where's the cachet in getting the boot from a place with a name like that?


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