Tuesday, June 06, 2006


A day off from consultancy so I'll be pushing on with getting my e-commerce package going. While I thought the bulk of the work was done, every time I look at it there seems ever more to do:
  • test the new postage zones and rudimentary order processing areas
  • write an owner's manual
  • write a 3rd party developer's manual
  • think of a new name. I had a session with a BusinessLink mentor last week, and while he was quite enthusiastic about the project in general, he found the word 'kiosk' meaningless
  • when I've got the new name, I need the new, dedicated website
  • get my 1st client
  • I've signed up for a seminar on the legal side of e-commerce on 18th July, so that may throw up a whole raft of legal compliance issues
  • start thinking about the next level of order processing


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