Saturday, May 20, 2006


SWM, 51, living on the oustkirts of Coventry in a dull, downmarket suburban area next to the M6. My personal life is of little interest to anyone, myself included, but for the record: I'm a Nichiren Buddhist and a self-employed internet developer. I don't really have any hobbies these days outside the internet (apart from drinking down the local), so this blog will concern mainly net type things. I'm occasionally to be found on urban75, spouting forth on all manner of subjects but mainly booze, sex, politics and computers.
Formerly, as sidelines, I was a photographer and musician, one day I'll get round to putting together a site showcasing as much of this stuff as I can, but what material I have left is rather limited. I've also run a record label, Stone Tiger, singularly unsuccessfully.Until about 1.5 years ago I was living in Thailand and over the course of time there, just about all my personal posessions were lost or stolen. It's a rather peculiar existence when that happens, but on the bright side, I won't have too much trouble letting go of stuff when the time comes to croak it.
Latterly, I've been busying myself with developing a discussion board, the Lotus Matrix and an e-commerce package, factorXkiosk.
For work I've spent most of my life as a programmer / analyst. I started out on COBOL on IBM and ICL mainframes, then moved on to being a systems programmer using RSX-11M on DEC PDP-11s. I've worked with loads of other platforms, 14 programming languages at the last count, but now it's mainly pc's under win2K and linux, PHP and Java, and mySQL.
I've also been a porter, cleaner, warehouse operative, barman and telephone answerer. I was crap at all of them.

That's enough for an intro. I may expand on some of these things later, but now it's time for gongyo.


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